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Seattle, WA, USA
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"I take what I do seriously...      
        I just don't do it seriously."

Hi, I'm Nick.

I grew up outside Philadelphia, spent some time in Chicago, and now live in Seattle. That nugget of wisdom above is from a former professor of mine, and has stayed with me since my first week of college.

Years later, now with a pair of degrees in audio and photography, I approach each new project with levity to stay grounded.

Since launching my career, I have garnered plenty of experience across the worlds of sight & sound. Whether it's audio post-production for film, or live sound and stage lighting, or independent music production, or web design and social media branding, or seeing my photography published and showcased; it's been quite a ride so far. I even have an IMDb page !

In addition, I hold a lifetime of experience behind a drum kit, gigging all around the country since I was 18. Since arriving in Seattle, I’ve become a full-time member of the indie rock outfit  Gibraltar , as well as performing as a session/fill-in drummer with other groups.

A self-proclaimed “gastronaut”, I enjoy crafting monstrosities that no person in their right mind should ever eat. If it’s starchy, meaty, fried, or greasy, I’ve probably already had it. Twice.

Think I can be "the guy" to help your next project?
Then let's talk, why not!

What Can I Do?
  1. Audio Post-Production
    For when you already have all the audio components of your message captured, but it still could use some help getting to that "next level" before it is presented to an audience.
  2. Audio Production
    For when you have a message to communicate to others, but it requires some combination of recording, mixing, and/or mastering to bring it to an accessible form.
  3. Photography
    For when there isn't any audio at all, but a production of some kind is still required: you have a message that can be communicated through an image.
  4. FOH Live Sound
    For when you are prepared to perform your message in front of people, but need someone at the helm to help corral its audio components for your audience.
  5. Graphic Design
    For when there is not yet a tangible way for other people to consume your message in a visual medium; the canvas is blank.
  6. Branding/Social Media
    For when you seek to embody the key elements of your message into its own personality for a larger audience.
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